B.E.S.T. Building Essential Skills Together


Teaching and Strengthening Social and Emotional Skills

Group Goals: To provide a safe, caring learning environment where children and adolescents can learn and practice the following skills:

1. Cognitive Regulation, including attention control, inhibitory control, working memory/ planning, and cognitive flexibility.

2. Emotional regulation, including emotion knowledge/expression, emotion/behavior regulation, and empathy/perspective taking.

3. Social and Interpersonal, including social cues, conflict resolution/social problem-solving, and prosocial skills.

4. Character, including making ethical judgements, being tolerant and accepting of others’ differences, community and civic responsibilities, and persevering through difficulties.

5. Mindset, expressing confidence in oneself and the ability to improve, identifying positive attributes/strength in self and others, and approaching challenging situations with a positive attitude

Our group will incorporate games, role-playing, art, music, videos, character traits, and community engagement.

Membership: Group members will be referred by school, or individual counselors. They will need to attend an assessment with parent or guardian (about 15 minutes) to determine appropriateness for group.

Please contact Lakeshore Health & Wellness for more details: